whipped cream 50 cents

Today I am thinking about a few things that have happened recently and putting them together. They are little things, but I think are significant.

Yesterday I went into the Dairy Queen on Ogden Avenue. (It was a weak moment.) I ordered a sundae which was $1.89 and the young man, asked me if I wanted nuts or whipped cream on it. I said just whipped cream.

Years ago, I would visit the store and there were lines of people (in the summer). I haven’t been in there since they changed owners. I don’t know why. I haven’t eaten much ice cream since either. The new owners are from Pakistan.

After I said whipped cream, I saw on the register a charge for $0.50. I told the man that I didn’t really need whipped cream and he removed the charge.

I was thinking about this all day. Maybe only one in ten people notice or say anything about the upcharge. This must be what he is thinking. I get 30% more by just asking a question.

But he is not seeing that 10% of his customers, get ticked off and never come back. Americans will never argue with someone. They will pay the additional amount but make a note to go somewhere else. If you ask them they will not say anything.

Now the place is empty and the man is probably telling people what a good businessman he is.