Another client moves to Folio

Today a client emailed me and asked if it was time to move his ROTH accounts to Folio Institutional.
He has been a client for about 14 years and had several accounts at TD Ameritrade. Typically a client has a joint account, a ROTH, a traditional IRA, 529, and similar accounts for the spouse and other members of the family. So moving accounts is not a simple thing.
I spoke with him about 2 years ago, and said that I was opening new client account at Folio and if he wanted to move some of his accounts, I think he would be very happy with the level of service. He took this all in, but did not decide one way or another.
A year passed and I mentioned it again and he decided to move a small account to Folio to try it. This was a huge change for him and his wife, and I tried to be very supportive in every way.
Then about 6 months ago, he so liked Folio that he moved some of the larger accounts there. And now in the next month or so, all of his accounts will be moved.
He asked me if it was time to move the accounts. I said, “It is time, if you are comfortable with Folio”.
Since I decided 10 years ago, never to pressure anyone into doing anything, I have really seen people open to allowing me to do the best things for them.