4 Steps to Prepare for Retirement

4 Steps to Prepare for Retirement
According to the 2017 Retirement Confidence Survey by the Employee Benefits Research Institute (ERBI) and Greenwald & Associates “many American workers today are feeling stressed about retirement and are not taking steps to prepare for it.” Naturally they’re less confident or secure around their finances. Here are some startling facts taken right from EBRI’s March 2017 issue brief followed by 4 steps you can take today to prepare for retirement:
Findings include:
  • Six out of 10 American workers feel very or somewhat confident about having enough money for a comfortable retirement, though just 18 percent feel very confident. The share of workers reporting that they feel either very or somewhat confident has declined compared with last year (60 percent from 64 percent in 2016). Worker confidence now resembles levels measured in 2015 (when 59 percent were either very or somewhat confident).